Mum’s All-Bran loaf recipe

Recipe has gone AWOL but this is it. 1 teacup each of All Bran, brown sugar, dried fruit. Add 1 teacup of milk and soak overnight. Next day add 1 egg and 1 teacup SR flour. Put in 1lb loaf tin and bake at Gas 4 for 40 mins (approx). I can’t remember how long it takes but skewer should come out clean. I try to buy All Bran with no added sugar or bran sticks from health food shop. If you have it with added sugar I would halve sugar in recipe. Enjoy xx

Think you will know when it is done x

Mapping InDesign tracking to CSS letter-spacing

Making a note of this since I always forget…

Tracking and kerning in InDesign are both measured in 1/1000 em, which is relative to the current type size. To map these values to CSS ems you just multiply by .001.

Here are some examples with InDesign tracking in the comments:

/* -40 x .001 */
letter-spacing: -0.04em;
/* 5 x .001 */
letter-spacing: 0.005em;
/* 20 x .001 */
letter-spacing: 0.02em;

Interesting orgs on GitHub

Since GitHub doesn’t allow you to directly follow organisations like you can users, I began collecting interesting ones over at The criteria reflects my general interest and familiarity with the organisation, but contributions are welcome!

Tracker-free type on the web

A briefly-researched selection of type foundries that offer tracker-free webfont files for self-hosting:

Gerhard Richter on grey

Gerhard Richter on grey:

Grey is the epitome of non-statement … it does not trigger off feelings or associations, it is actually neither visible nor invisible … Like no other colour it is suitable for illustrating "nothing"

Design and build notes:

This post was originally published on Medium, but is since removed. Strikethroughs represent some light edits made to the original.

Between client projects, I recently set aside time to redesign and build my personal website. The website is a simple online portfolio, aiming to provide context about my professional experience through writing and samples of past design work  –  all presented in a casual at-a-glance fashion. The prospect of a redesign provided a fun opportunity to explore a few new development techniques that I’d been keen to try out. In this post, I wanted to jot down some notes about said techniques both for personal reference and in case they’re of possible wider interest. Screenshots are provided as a snapshot of the site at the time of writing.

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Online resources for e-books

I was asked to contribute some links to an online resource compiled by Occasional Papers.

This list of references was compiled on the occasion of the Post-print Publishing? event at Liverpool Biennial in July 2013. Compiled with help from Sam Baldwin, Vanessa Boni, James Goggin and Radovan Scasascia.

Here’s the full list:



Online art journals and magazines


Conferences and talks



Artists’ projects

Production resources

Free e-book downloads

E-book stores