Harewood House Trust

Various commissions for Harewood House Trust across wayfinding, exhibition, digital, and print.


Role: Designer, Front-end developer

Harewood wordmark
Typography sample
Typography sample
Poster design
Poster from an exhibition about Harewood’s conservation efforts
Leaflet cover design
Leaflet for new members
Website sections in different colours
The website uses colour to distinguish between the different sections
Various printed items loosely arranged
Printed matter
Branded postage folder for enclosing documents
Inside spread from the new member’s leaflet, featuring decorative grid for positioning different quantities of cards
Sign at the entrance to the grounds
Information sign at the entrance to the grounds
Wall lettering
3D wall lettering (CNC cut MDF, painted)
Freestanding sign
Colour-coded wayfinding system
Large timeline wall graphic
Timeline in the Visitor Centre
Plant label for a Chusan Palm
Plant labels in the Courtyard
Artwork captions in an exhibition
Wall labels in the Terrace Gallery

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